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I wanted to thank you for taking the time to do this Jordan project with me. I have collected autographs for several years, but this is truly my favorite piece. The details you were able to create in my jersey painting are astounding and I'm so glad I reached out to you. It's gratifying to own a unique item that can't be bought in a store or online. Thank you again for putting the time and effort into making this piece special, it's nice to know when your artist cares as much about the final result as the client.



Michael Jordan painted floor

May 6, 2016
My wife is amazed by your talent,
I love it! Again THANK YOU, you are something special and I enjoy working with you or should I say I enjoy looking at your work because it is so unique!
Again Thanks, Jon

jeter jersay done sm.jpg

January 7, 2014
"I am very very happy with the jerseys.  Photos via email do the jerseys no justice. Seeing the finished product in person is a great sight to see. You definitely have a gift of artistic perfection that is unmatched on top of a level of customer service that is hard to find these days."   
George DeRoche

MJ UDA Floor.jpg

Jolene, Going thru my collection & this is the piece that made me FALL IN LOVE with your work !!!! It's a classic !!

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